“Raptor” Complete For Time: 42-30-18 -Alternating dumbbell snatch 12-9-6 -Bar muscle-ups *200m run after each set. Competition: -As written above -50/35# dumbbell Performance: [...]


“Buddy Up” Teams of two 26 minute AMRAP of: -50/42 calorie row -40 deadlifts -30 hang squat cleans -20 bench press *Break up reps as needed. One partner works at a time. Competition: [...]


“Thurpees” 10 minute AMRAP -2 single arm DB thrusters -2 burpees over DB *Add 2 reps each round *Reps MUST be broken up evenly between left and right arms. Competition/Performance: [...]


“Floater” 4 Rounds of: -1 minute max effort row for meters -2 minutes max effort double unders *Rest 1 minute Competition/Performance: -As written Fitness: -Single unders ONLY if [...]

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