noun: goal; plural noun: goals
the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.


We all need goals. The difficult aspect of CrossFit is we want to be good at everything immediately. Reality check, it won’t happen in 1 month, 6 or even 12 months for many of the things we do. You need a plan and the plan needs to be achievable.

Be realistic with yourself. If you are shooting for a 3 minute RX’d Fran when you don’t have your Pull ups then you need to change your focus.

Work on the small things, one goal at a time.

Goal – Improve Strict Press 3×5
-1 Week – shoot for 7 hours of sleep and work on mobility daily for 10 minutes
-1 Month – perform press 1 time per week, adding .5 lbs per week, record all lifts to show progress
-6 Month- 12 lb improvement in press

Let your goals be known. Talk to your coaches and let them help you stay on track.


Bench Press

4 Rounds
1min Ball Slams
1min HSPU
1min Box Jumps
1min rest
*No rest between movements.
*Record total reps

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