I was going to write a little something about the importance of weightlifting but instead I found this article  written by Robert Selders, Jr from the CrossFit Garland’s website. And well, he laid it out probably better than I would have so here it goes: (don’t worry the WOD is posted at the end of this article.)

Don’t Ignore the Importance of Weightlifting

By Robert Selders, Jr.

When I start talking about weightlifting, and the importance of incorporating it into a workout routine, I get mixed responses.  Men start talking about how much they can bench press, and women start protesting that they don’t want to end up looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger in drag.  Not surprising that it takes me a while to power past many of these initial reactions to weightlifting before we are able to get down to the business of weightlifting.

Weightlifting has numerous benefits, and is an important component of CrossFit’s approach to athletic development.  Not only does weightlifting provide strength, speed, power and flexibility, but it also offers an opportunity to:

o      Build more muscle, which in turn burns fat more efficiently creating a leaner more defined body,

o      Increase energy and functional strength, useful for accomplishing everyday activities,

o      Develop greater joint strength, which allows for greater ease of movement,

o      Improve bone strength, a great defense against osteoporosis, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and

o      Build on upper and lower body strength, which will also reduce back strain.

Contrary to the misinformation out there, women that lift weights are not going to bulk up like men.  It is simply not physically possible.  Women cannot naturally produce the amount of testosterone needed to increase muscle size by that much.  If you are still skeptical, thinking about those female bodybuilders seen on television, just remember that many use oftentimes use “other” things to achieve those results.  It is not the norm by any means.  If you plan on steering clear of those “other” things, then you have nothing to worry about and can start enjoying the same benefits of weightlifting as your male counterparts do.

Weightlifting is not about lifting massive amounts of weight.  The type of weightlifting CrossFit advocates is more in line with Olympic weightlifting.  In CrossFit, we train movements and not just muscles, so we don’t focus on exercises like curls, lateral raises, leg extensions, and chest flyes.

CrossFit focuses more on weightlifting exercises that have the most impact on your hormones and neurological system (neuroendocrine).  Exercises like the deadlift, clean, squat and jerk are great multi-joint exercises that have a profound effect on your neuroendocrine response.  This in turn influences your physical fitness and athletic development.

Learning to perfect these types of weightlifting and power lifting exercises takes time.  There is no question that these exercises are demanding, and require a high level of athleticism.   However, weightlifting is dynamic and engaging, with many men and women rapidly mastering the basics and then progressing on to the more challenging “clean and jerk” and “snatch”.

CrossFit’s weight training program effectively combines weightlifting, power lifting, and throwing to provide its members with a solid foundation of physical training, general movement practice, and external object control that works.  Start today and see for yourself what a difference weightlifting and throwing can do for you.

Robert Selders, Jr. is a certified personal trainer, author, speaker, and the owner of 3Q Fitness: Powered By CrossFit Garland located in the historic downtown square of Garland, TX.  Learn more about how you can receive a free comprehensive consultation and no obligations CrossFit training trial; and get guaranteed results with his exercise and nutrition programs at www.3QFitness.com.


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