What brought you to CrossFit?

What brought you to CrossFit?  What keeps you coming back?

The answers to each of these is unique to all of us, and such an important part of our gravitational pull to the box and the people who make it what it is.
This is the first blog of who knows how many.  The hope is that it will evolve just like you and me.  That it will give us a chance to talk more about the “head and heart” of CrossFit, and all of the ways our time at the box makes the rest of our lives better.
I’m sure to some degree what “brought us and keeps us” is our hopes for our bodies and our fitness to transform.  Fair enough.  I find that is what dominates most of our conversations — our PRs, our aches and our pains, our love-hate relationship with burpees or snatch or double-unders.  If you’re like me, it’s a neverending quest to improve some aspect of our CrossFit performance — and change your body in the process.
My hope for this blog is to take a deeper look into the mental/spiritual/psychological aspects of CrossFit.  To talk about what motivates and inspires us as well as the inevitable moments that might seem unbearable.  Moreover, my hope is that this blog might launch more conversations about the dimensions of CrossFit that change us on the inside.
So let’s start at the beginning — what brought you to CrossFit?
If you’d like, reply to this blog — or email me with your thoughts if you’d prefer to avoid the airwaves.  While keeping confidentiality in tact, I’d like to find a way to share everyone’s insights with our CrossFit community.
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