Catherine Amrich

Catherine Amrich

How and when did you start doing CrossFit?
I started doing CrossFit in July 2012. I had been doing workout videos at home and was bored with them so I gave CrossFit a try. I love the variety and not having to think about what to do. I also never thought I would be able to do half of the things I do here. I was pleasantly surprised at what I could do. CrossFit has also benefitted me outside of the gym. I am a competitive eventer (horseback riding) and I noticed a positive difference in the saddle. My core strength and stability improved, as did my body awareness, which helped me become easier for my horse to carry.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Family? Job? Hobbies?
I live in North Barrington with my boyfriend, Austin, and two Rottweiler mixes, Carla and Heidi. I have been working as a nanny for the last five years, but I have a master’s degree in education and will be returning to the classroom this coming school year. I love horses and have two of my own, Bill and Hermann. I compete in the sport of Eventing, which consists of dressage, cross country jumping, and show jumping. (If you’re curious, I have several competition videos on Youtube.) I love it and spend hours at the barn every day. I also do some teaching and horse training on the side when I can.

Favorite WOD and Favorite Movement?
I don’t have a favorite WOD, but I love long workouts with a long list of things to do. I love variety. My favorite movements are squats, rope climbs, lunges, and dumbbell snatch.

Least favorite WOD and least favorite movement?
Karen is my least favorite. It is sooooo boring. I’m also not a big fan of short workouts because I take a while to warm up and get motivated. My least favorite movement is overhead squat.

Your Favorite junk food?
Homemade cookie dough.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three items would you want with you?
A knife, a tarp, and a really good, long book.
Describe yourself in one word?
If you could create a WOD, what would it look like?
It would be a long one with lots of variety. It would probably include overhead dumbbell lunges, dumbbell snatch, rope climbs, pullups, and burpees.

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