Dr. Dave Crosson has been in private chiropractic practice for 12 years.  Outside of practice he is a co-owner and medical director of Crossfit Barrington.   Dave’s resume not only includes being a chiropractic physician and Crossfit Level one coach but he is also certified in Function Range Release, Functional range conditioning, Titleist Level 2 Medical, McKenzie Parts A/B, functional dry needling and the Selective Functional Movement Assessment.  His Barrington office is on the cutting edge of the profession and has an integrated approach to health care treating families and athletes alike.

Dave’s main focus when in the clinic or coaching is helping patients develop health functioning joints which will lead to health movements which in turn leads to reducing pain.  He believes in ‘pre-requisites’ of movement and advancing patients and clients through training in manner that teaches proper mobility, technique and skill which reduces injury risk.
Feel free to grab him while at the gym and ask questions; If he’s there, he can help!
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