“Exercise is supposed to be difficult, not convenient or conversational. Progress, in any respect, involves, temporary pain”

“I often remind myself that the chance to do something great or be highly embarrassed usually lie in the same opportunity/risk. Go for it.”

“Make the money, don’t let the money make you. Play the game, don’t let the game play you.”


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)
CrossFit Level 2/Coaches Prep
CrossFit Strongman Trainer
CPR/AED Certified

About Me:

I am a Stay-at Home mom to my 2 kids (Ellison – 5 years old, and Nolan – 3 years old), and wife to Jonathan Matta. We live a CrossFit and Paleo/Primal lifestyle. I was born and raised in Wausau, Wisconsin. I grew up playing soccer and went on to play at the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, and graduated with a double major in Psychology and Human Development. Jonathan and I met at a wedding when I was 25, and we’ve been together ever since! I am incredibly passionate about CrossFit and helping others. I feel it is a sustainable and lifelong fitness program that is so much fun & fulfills my competitive desire. After my college soccer career ended with 2 very injured ankles, I turned to group fitness at the local YMCA. I quickly became an aerobics instructor, and acquired multiple group fitness certifications along the way and taught multiple classes (Yoga, Pilates, Kickboxing, Water Aerobics…etc.). I also worked with numerous groups including Active Older Adults, Mainstream Populations, Special Needs, and school-age kids. After being with the YMCA for 7 years (on and off) I transitioned in to a Corporate Wellness position at Humana Insurance for 2 years, up until the time when Ellison was born. Making the decision to become a Stay-at-home Mom was an easy one for me, and so was continuing to instruct group fitness (a few hours a week). Jonathan and I would go for runs together and enter the occasional 5K or 10k race to satisfy our competitive side the way soccer used to. However, nothing would have prepared me for the love affair I started in the spring of 2011 with CrossFit!

I wish I would have had CrossFit in my life from a young age. I am stronger, healthier and more fit at 33 than at any other point in my life. I’m stronger today than I was yesterday.

Past Sports/Events/Activities:

I was a Division 1 Collegiate Soccer Player at the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, for 2 years.


My late Mother-in-law, Marcy Powers Matta


Career in CrossFit, bringing CrossFit to major Corporations
Being the best Mom, Wife and Athlete that I can be
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