RP App Nutrition Challenge

Hi All,

We’re looking in to doing a RP App Nutrition Challenge.  We need at least 15 of you to sign up to run it.  So, if you’re 100% IN or Interested please email me back and let me know ASAP.

What is RP?

Renaissance Periodization

-A scientific approach to getting leaner, building muscle and improving performance.
-A macro focused diet (protein, carbs, fats) where you’re told what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat.
-A commitment. In this program, you reap what you sow. The roadmap is there. Stay on the road and you will succeed.

There are 3 nutritional tracks you can choose from:

-Fat Loss- The fast loss diet will guide you through a safe and healthy rate of weight and fat loss, while preserving your muscle and athletic performance.

-Muscle Gain- The muscle gain diet will guide you through a safe and healthy rate of weight and muscle gain, while increasing strength but minimizing fat gains.

-Maintenance- The maintenance diet will help you stay at a stable weight by giving you a meal plan that allows you to keep your athletic performance high and your physique sharp at your current healthy weight.

The RP App-

RP has done an amazing job with their App!  Here’s more detailed information on the App we will be using-


Challenge Details:

The goals for this challenge is to see results and build sustainable habits that will last a lifetime.  It will not be easy but I guarantee it will be worth it!


8 weeks. 8/24-10/18.


The RP App is typically $15/month but we will have a CFB discount code that will make it $10/month(the code lasts for 6 months and then will revert to $15/month) The discount code will also be good for 20% off on any RP ebook, training template or RP+ membership.


$40 due to CFB

What you’ll get from the $40:

-A before & after In Body Composition Scan (The scan measures weight, body fat, muscle mass)

-A test & retest WOD

-5% off UR Protein products bought from CFB


-Weekly check-ins with a coach

-Access to a private CFB RP Facebook group and RP Clients Facebook group.


Prizes are TBD but you’ll have a chance to win something based on performance and results.

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