I'm a beginner, is this really for me?

Yes. CrossFit Barrington welcomes individuals from all fitness levels. Our workouts are scalable to benefit anyone on any fitness level from seniors to triathletes. We will ensure the weights and intensity are adjusted to suit your capabilities. Our members range from age 4 to 70, from collegiate athletes to those that haven’t trained in a decades.

What type pf exercise program is this: Weightlifting, Cardio, Gymnastics, Kettle Bells?

CrossFit Barrington’s program is a comprehensive balance of several fitness concepts. We incorporate the most beneficial and functional movements in every workout. At CrossFit Barrington, you won’t see bicep curls, leg presses, ellipticals or treadmills. You will see Olympic lifting, running/sprinting, basic gymnastics, kettlebells, jumping and throwing. Each class our clients receive instruction on how to move with and without equipment. In order to prevent injury we do not allow improper movement. If you are physical not capable of performing a specific movement we can help you find a movement that works for you.

What exactly happens during a typical group session?

Each class lasts 1 hour. Each day our WOD or workout of the day will be posted on the whiteboard. A coach will take you through a warm-up, mobility work, strength or skill work and review the WOD movements to ensure there are no questions about the exercises to be performed. Then “3-2-1-GO!” You work to beat your last times or set a personal record. The group works at the same time and the WODs are scaled to individual abilities. WODs can last anywhere between 3 minutes to 40 minutes. Once completed, we stretch and you are on your way.

Is this something I can do at home?

This is something you can try and do at home. We recommend having some CrossFit training experience to learn proper form before doing so. However, nothing can replicate the experience and effectiveness of the community environment at CrossFit Barrington. The support and intensity the community generates has consistently proven to produce tremendous results very quickly. With our CrossFit Certified Trainers, you’ll learn the movements faster and receive expert coaching.
If you are still set to try this at home, you can follow the WOD’s (daily workouts) from the CrossFit Headquarters’ website. You just need to be aware that these workouts were intended for experienced, elite athletes, so you will have to modify them. The easiest ways to make these modifications is by reducing the weight or by lowering the reps or distances. Hopefully, you’ll get into the habit of being productively active and you’ll start to notice improvements.

Is CrossFit safe?

Safety is imperative at our facility. There is the existence of threats such as injury from improper form or Rhabdomyolysis (muscle breakdown from prolonged, excessive muscle strain) that can be life-threatening. Because of this, we require supervision (especially for our new members) during any of our group sessions and challenge events to avoid these threats at all costs. Our CrossFit-certified coaches are highly trained and are prepared to help you meet your fitness goals in a safe manner. To become a CrossFit Barrington coach is a rigorous process that includes exams, demonstrations, seminars, an internship, and more. When you’re training at CrossFit Barrington, you’re always under the watchful eyes of at least 1 CrossFit Barrington coach. Often, you’ll have 2 or more coaches in a class to give you the best Coach-to-Athlete ratio possible.

Will I gain or lose weight?

Either is possible. What is certain is your body will lean out. Muscle mass density is much higher than fat and takes up less space. Depending on your fitness goals, we will work with you on your training program and nutrition to help you lose weight properly or gain weight through muscle mass.

Will I get bulky?

You won’t get bulky if you’re only doing CrossFit. However, by eliminating and reducing your body fat and building lean muscle, you’ll have a better-defined body.

I play a sport, will this affect my performance?

CrossFit will affect your performance in a positive way. CrossFit allows you to increase your overall work capacity. In return, you are able to play stronger for longer. The CrossFit method has proven well with professional athletes like UFC fighters BJ Penn and Matt Hughes, NHL Star Ethan Moreau, and NFL Player Lorenzo Neal. CrossFit is also the foundation for the strength and conditioning program for the Florida Marlins.

Do you offer open gym hours for experienced athletes or veteran CrossFitters?

Our gym hours are only for individual or group sessions. Supervision by our trained staff is a requirement for anyone at any level. This is for everyone’s personal safety. Underground Performance (CFB) does offer a Barbell Club and an Indoor Rowing Club which offers additional open gym times for lifting and scheduled rowing classes.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer membership rate discounts to military personnel, first responders (EMT, Fire, Police), teachers, families and domestic partners.


Do you have a family plan?

We do offer family discounts and reduced pricing for kids, middle school students and Teens.

I want to sign up!

To set up an appointment call Brian at 224-633-3797 or email info@crossfitbarrington.com

I still have questions.

If you would like a better understanding of what CrossFit Barrington has to offer, you can drop in and observe a class. You may also email info@crossfitbarrington.com or call 224-633-3797 with any specific questions you may have.