Fluffy Paleo Pancakes

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 10.03.24 PMINGREDIENTS:

1 1/2 cups blanched almond flour
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp sea salt
3 large pastured eggs, room temperature
1/4 cup organic buttermilk or pure coconut milk
1 tbsp pure maple syrup ** can leave out if you add banana, 1/4 tsp cinnamon, 1/8 tsp cardamom, 1/8 tsp allspice**
1 tsp pure vanilla

-Preheat griddle over medium heat
-Place all of the liquid ingredients into your blender, then place all of the dry ingredients on top. Cover and blend on low to start, then increase to high and blend at least 1 full minute.
-Please note: The batter will be very thick like cake batter. If it is too thick for your liking, a simple option to correct the consistency is to add an additional tbsp of buttermilk or coconut milk to batter, blending thoroughly before adding another tbsp. Adding extra milk may make pancakes a bit thinner, but it should not dramatically impact the flavor.
-Great preheated griddle with butter
-Ladle a spoonful of batter onto the griddle to form a silver dollar size pancake.
C-ook for a few minutes, until pancakes begin to dry out at the edges and the bottoms are golden brown. It’s important to keep a careful eye on them as almond flour pancakes burn easily.
-Carefully flip and cook another few minutes until done.
-Serve hot off the griddle with cultured butter, pure maple syrup and a medley of fresh berries.

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