Juggernaut Champs!

We cleaned house today at the Juggernaut Competition at A3 CrossFit in Grayslake. All 5 of our Underground Performance competitors took the podium for their weight class and in the WOD competition.

Way to kick a** David Danhauer (age 16), Craig Niven, Nicole Kunz, Shawn Bostick, and Erin Matta!!


Athletes Total Weight in Back Squat, Ground to Overhead, Bench Press and Deadlift:

David Danhauer: 1520 Heavy Weight High School Division (1st place)

Craig Niven: 1660 Men’s Middle Weight Division (1st place)

Shawn Bostick: 1440 Men’s Light Weight Division (2nd place)

Nicole Kunz: 815 Women’s Heavy Weight  (3rd place)

Erin Matta: 715 Women’s Light Weight (1st place)


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