Kate Duncan

Kate Duncan

How and when did you start doing CrossFit?
I started doing CrossFit in 2013. Dalen Mathys coaxed me into it (and out of a boot camp class we were doing). I definitely did not think it was for me at first, especially since I was 12-weeks pregnant. However, I quickly realized how I loved being at CFB with so many great people, working hard and achieving results.
Tell us a little bit about yourself. Family? Job? Hobbies?
I am married to Lee and we have 2 kiddos – Liam who is 12 and Claire who is 6. I am a land use attorney at Akerman LLP and volunteer in Barrington in several capacities: as a Village Trustee and also on the Board of Directors at Atonement Lutheran Church.
Our family loves riding our bikes and playing board games. We decided to renovate our home about a year ago and now we are focused on finishing up that project, which is taking almost all of our free time. We look forward to picking back up with fun activities once our house is done.

Favorite WOD and Favorite Movement?
I love any WOD with running in it, mixed up with multiple other movements – this keeps me distracted and makes it go fast. I love partner WODs and could not get through them without the best partner ever – Jill Lewis!

Least favorite WOD and least favorite movement?
I hate thrusters.

Your Favorite junk food?
Chocolate anything.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three items would you want with you?
Lip Balm
Running Shoes

Describe yourself in one word?

If you could create a WOD, what would it look like?
Partner WOD with running. (I am not good at creating a WOD which is partly why I like CFB – I never have to make decisions. I just show up and do what I’m told!)

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