Why I started CrossFit:

A parent of one of my sixth graders was in amazing shape and I asked her how she did it. She said CrossFit. When my husband and I moved to the area, I figured it was a great time to try out a new gym. Lucky for me, the closest box was CrossFit Barrington. I quickly realized that my previous routine of yoga and running was never going to make the cut again and got addicted to the new challenge!

My goal in CrossFitting while pregnant is/was?

At the beginning, it was just to stay in shape. But as my first pregnancy progressed, I realized that I had no back pain, leg cramps, or really much discomfort at all. My doctor was constantly commenting on how well my body handled pregnancy. I credit CrossFit for that! Since I knew how much CrossFit helped with my first pregnancy, I knew I had to keep it up when I learned I was pregnant again six months later!

Since doing CrossFit while pregnant, I’ve learned:

  • The WODs really are infinitely scalable. All you have to do is show up, listen to your coaches, and try your best with the body you have.
  • The CrossFit community is incredible. I felt like everyone was looking out for me. I would never had made it through the WODs without all the inspiring people working out next to me.

Biggest CrossFit and pregnant challenge I’ve faced:

Lifting the darn barbell around my ever-growing stomach! I think I’ll be working on getting my form back for the next nine months

Best CrossFit and pregnant secret or tip that I’ve discovered:

Another awesome pregnant CrossFitter (Kate Duncan) gave me this advice – “Just show up. Even if you only can do ten squats. Just show up.”

What did others say to you about doing CrossFit while pregnant? What was your response to any criticism?

That was a tough one. I feel like women are in two camps when it comes to working out when pregnant. They either think its awesome or you are harming your baby for the sake of your vanity. If asked about my choices, I simply responded that I trusted my body to tell me what it could handle. If I needed to stop and rest, I did. If I needed to walk instead of run, I did.

 How much time did you take off before you started back at CrossFit:

Four weeks with my first baby and three weeks with my second baby.

Do you follow a particular eating lifestyle:

Nope. I just follow a few simple rules:

  • Drink lots of water everyday.
  • During the week, eat lots of veggies.
  • On the weekends, eat a treat or two.
  • Also, stay out of the teachers’ lounge at work – it’s filled with temptations!

Greatest CrossFit accomplishment:

Pull-ups with no band – thanks for pushing me Coach Craig!

 Favorite WOD:

Murph. I have only completed it pregnant and am seriously SO EXCITED to complete it without my baby as a weighted vest!

CrossFit games athlete crush:

Rich Froning. Who else?

When I’m not in the box, you can find me:

Chasing my sixteen-month-old around the Barrington Public Library or making the millionth run to Target.

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