At 19,341 feet above sea level, CrossFit Barrington’s Noreen Morgan scanned the vast African landscape from the peak of Kilimanjaro. This is an accomplishment that 95% of people don’t do. She was even able to slap our CFB sticker on the sign of the world’s highest freestanding mountain. How awesome is that? This is just one reason why Noreen, a mother of two, is an inspiration to us at CrossFit Barrington. Here, Noreen answers a few questions on how she made her way to the top.

Who or What motivates you to achieve your goals?

Sounds cliché but the motivation has to come from within. With a long-term goal like this one you have to really want it.

Did you add any special training?

I added elevation training 3 days a week. I wore an oxygen deprivation mask and weighted backpack to run up/down the stairwell or local sled hill. **Side note: She also used the oxygen masks during her CFB workouts. Warrior Girl

What obstacles did you anticipate? Was there anything you did not anticipate?

My sister and I anticipated the worst. It was my first time truly camping. We had the capability to survive off our first-aid kit alone in the wilderness if abandoned by our group of 10 for the entire week. Altitude sickness, malaria, nausea, broken ankles, and homesickness-you name it we came prepared. We had a bunch of flights canceled/pushed back on the way there so we lost 2 days in Kilimanjaro and were forced to walk off the plane & start hiking 4 hours later. First day was a bit rough.

Have you encountered any personal/physical obstacles to overcome in your life that prepared you, motivated or empowered you to take on this challenge?

One huge obstacle that I overcame this past year was shedding post baby weight. I gained 65lbs with my second child. CrossFit Barrington helped me lose the last and hardest 20 lbs. There are so many super motivated people at CFB it fosters a great environment to push your self as well.

Can you name 3 people who you admire?

My Aunt Nancy is running 50 marathons in 50 states (she’s currently on #39**bonus points she’s 58 years old) “Crusher” aka Coach Craig or really anyone that accomplishes something that initially thought they could not.

Favorite Quote:

“Nothing worthwhile comes easy.”

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