At 19,341 feet above sea level, Noreen Morgan scanned the vast African landscape from the peak of Kilimanjaro. CrossFit is what helped Noreen get there. “One huge obstacle that I overcame this past year was shedding post baby weight. I gained 65lbs with my second child. CrossFit helped me lose the last and hardest 20 lbs. I added elevation training 3 days a week. I wore an oxygen deprivation mask and weighted backpack to run up/down the stairwell or local sled hill.”
I look better, feel better, do better in WODs and life. Most importantly to live to meet my grandchildren. Father passed away at 53 of a heart attack. I have been overweight most of my life, even as a high school athlete. It was even harder to stay in shape without organized athletics. I have fought high cholesterol all my life, since I started CrossFit, I AM OFF MY MEDICATION.
CrossFit has reduced the wear and tear that I had been putting on my knees and ankles from all the running I was doing. I think the Mobility Exercises and the Stretching we do at the end of each workout has been huge. The mobility exercises are helping with muscle recovery and the stretching has made me more flexible than I was before. I had a lot of nagging injuries because I wasn’t stretching enough. CrossFit incorporates that into the workouts.
My two sons and I push each other all the time. Since Carter is already bigger than me and Griffin is not too far behind, I am motivated to work extra hard to try to beat Carter in WODs and basically keep up with him as long as possible. Carter is self-motivated and always has been. He hates to lose to anyone. Griffin has seen what Carter has gained from CrossFit so he knows that his efforts will be rewarded.
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