The Bailey boys were one of the first families to join CrossFit Barrington. Jim, 48, and his boys Carter, 17, and Griffin, 14, keep each other motivated inside and outside the gym. Read on to learn how CrossFit has impacted their lives.
What is/was your family fitness accomplishment or goal?

Carter and Griffin: faster, stronger for lacrosse, baseball and soccer

Me: for Life!

Who or what motivates your family to do things together?

My two sons and I push each other all the time. Since Carter is already bigger than me and Griffin is not too far behind, I am motivated to work extra hard to try to beat Carter in WODs and basically keep up with him as long as possible. Carter is self-motivated and always has been. He hates to lose to anyone. Griffin has seen what Carter has gained from CFB so he knows that his efforts will be rewarded.

What obstacles did or didn’t you anticipate starting CrossFit?

Always-new challenges with CrossFit, which is great. I can jump rope well but then there’s double unders. I can do kipping pull ups but then there’s butterfly. Always the goal to RX and be faster and do more rounds than before. Scalability removes most obstacles but there are still plenty of challenges.

Has your family encountered any personal/physical obstacles that you are working to overcome that motivate or empower your family as a team?

Just to get faster and stronger than our peers. Carter and Griffin are especially motivated so that they can compete at the highest level possible in their chosen sports. I have also seen their self-confidence increase dramatically.

How has CrossFit improved your relationship with your sons?

Not sure if they’d admit it but I think they respect me more by experiencing the challenges of CrossFit with me. I know Carter wants to beat me in everything (feeling is mutual!) and Griffin is already better than me at some movements (rope climbs!).  At first I felt a little weird going to CrossFit with Carter but I asked him if he was cool with it and he said definitely.  I think it helps that I can “hang” in the workouts.  With Griffin starting at a younger age I am pretty sure he was happy to have me there with him.

Has fitness always been important to you and your family?

Definitely. I’ve always been a runner and lifted weights. Swimming has become a favorite the past 10+ years too. Celeste works out all the time and used to work out twice a day when I first started dating her. She has done numerous triathlons and marathons as well as plays soccer year round. It was only natural for us to seek out sports at the earliest age possible for our boys. Carter played hockey for 11 years as well as soccer, football, baseball, swim team and now lacrosse for Barrington High. Griffin has played soccer and baseball forever as well as football, basketball and swim team over the years. There were many seasons where we had 5 sports going at once and I used to tell friends I only have 2 boys but it feels like 5!

What significant improvements have your boys seen in their chosen sports?

Last year as a sophomore, Carter went from (to put it mildly) not too speedy to one of the fastest at lacrosse varsity tryouts. He came home from one of the first tryouts and said to his own surprise “Dad, I’m fast. There were only 1 or 2 guys faster than me”. He also put on muscle weight while dropping inches in waist size. Basically he became ripped and fast and it really showed during his spring 2012 season. In five months of CrossFit prior to his 2012 season he went from slow to fast and became so strong and confident. Carter was awarded the defensive player of the year on JV as a sophomore and in the words of Coach Craig as he presented the award “. And oh yea, he kills it at CrossFit Barrington!” Griffin witnessed first hand what CrossFit did for Carter so he jumped at the opportunity as soon as freshman soccer ended this year. Griffin put in 4-6 workouts per week from late October to late February with the goal of adding speed and strength for freshman baseball. He is definitely much stronger and much more confident. We’ll have to see how the tryouts go this week!

What are your CrossFit goals for 2013?

First I want to stay healthy and injury free. I want to do 4 – 6 workouts per week. I’d like to learn butterfly pull-ups, improve my double unders, improve my overhead squats and do muscle ups.

Can you name your favorite family activities?

Skiing, snowboarding; usually spring break trip to Colorado. Ideally Beaver Creek.


To be younger than anyone else my age. And faster and stronger of course!

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