“It doesn’t get any easier, you just get better.”


CF Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Strongman
CPR/AED Certified

About Me:

A degree in Economics from U of I led me to a short-lived career in banking before changing gears and going into education and social work. Today I’m fortunate to love what I do as a high school counselor and social worker in private practice.

After the prodding of two friends, I found CFB and, like most of us, was hooked. Coupled with Paleo, CrossFit has impacted virtually every part of my life. I’m grateful now to be a part of UGP in a way that might be useful to others on their journey in and out of the box.

Past Sports/Events/Activities:

Seems I’ve always been in sports of some kind – swim team at 6, football at 8, and grew up on wrestling mats because my dad was a coach. In high school I opted for football and swimming, two sports which couldn’t be more opposite. Since college it’s been a haphazard mix of globo-gyms, running (marathon PR 3:22) and yoga. I’ve also coached high school football and basketball as well as my kids’ baseball, basketball and football teams (the latter more resembled herding cats).


My two boys. Little do they know how much they keep me in line.



Explore the ways CrossFit and our UGP community changes us on the inside: the head and heart of CrossFit so-to-speak.


Let CrossFit make me a better person – and father – every day
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