Who Wants to be a Novice?

The Rippetoe article below is a must read for all of our clients young and old, novice and those who think you are better than you are.

What he has to say is rather simple; lift, recover, get stronger and add more weight. Ladies who read this, start adding more weight. We have fractional plates that go down to 1/4# increments, use them. Dudes, stop putting on so much weight, your form goes to crap and you aren’t seeing gains. I would rather you add .5 pounds per week on your core lifts and see you up 26#s over the course of a year vs. trying to bench press what you did in high school which happens to be a 30# jump from your last 3×5 set and you happen to miss the 4th rep and could only complete 1 set. Take things slow. Strength takes a life time to achieve.

Read the article, do some self reflection and record your weights.

Coach Brian

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